Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive 1 Litre

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  • High quality resin based wood adhesive for all wood bonding.
  • Can be used internally and externally.
  • Provides a high strength, impact resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself.
  • Dries clear.
  • Water based – environmentally friendly and easy clean up.
  • High degree of water resistance.
SKU: 150-2000-1

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Product Code                     150-2000

Pack Size                             1 Litre

Colour                                  Dries Clear

Shelf Life                             12 Months

Density                               1.0-1.2 g/cm³

Thermal Resistance        Stable (4 weeks at 50°C)

Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive is a highly versatile and dependable adhesive specially designed for bonding wood materials. Packaged in a convenient 1-litre container, this adhesive has earned a well-deserved reputation for its exceptional bonding capabilities, making it a sought-after choice among DIY enthusiasts, craftsmen, and woodworking professionals alike.

One of the standout features of Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive is its ability to create a strong and durable bond, ensuring secure joints between wooden surfaces. The adhesive forms a resilient bond that can withstand the typical stresses and strains associated with wood applications. It excels in bonding solid wood, plywood, chipboard, and veneers, providing long-lasting connections that stand the test of time.

An added advantage of the 502 Wood Adhesive is its fast-setting formula, which significantly enhances efficiency and productivity. Its rapid setting time minimizes the need for extended clamping, firmly holding wood pieces in place within a relatively short period. This attribute allows for quicker project completion, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive tasks. Additionally, the adhesive dries to a natural colour, ensuring seamless and inconspicuous joints, particularly important for visible wooden surfaces.

Everbuild is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality products, and the 502 Wood Adhesive lives up to this standard. Formulated to be non-toxic and solvent-free, it guarantees safe indoor use without releasing harmful fumes. Not only does this attribute benefit the user’s health, but it also contributes to the overall eco-friendliness of the product, making it an environmentally conscious choice.

The 1-litre container size provides ample adhesive for various applications, making it cost-effective for both small-scale and larger woodworking projects. The thoughtfully designed packaging prevents spillage and ensures easy dispensing, minimizing waste and mess during use.

In conclusion, Everbuild 502 Wood Adhesive in a 1-litre container is a high-quality and efficient solution for bonding wood materials. With its exceptional strength, fast-setting capabilities, and eco-friendly formulation, it stands as a reliable and convenient choice for a wide range of woodworking tasks. Whether you’re a seasoned carpenter or an enthusiastic DIYer, this wood adhesive guarantees outstanding results and contributes to the longevity and durability of your wooden creations.