TensorGrip L17 High Temp Adhesive Spray – 22L

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  • Fast drying.
  • High temperature resistance – 120°C.
  • Class 1 fire rating.
  • BS 6222 bond strength approval.
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The Benefits of TensorGrip L17 Hi-Temp Resistant Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Experience the remarkable benefits of TensorGrip L17 Hi-Temp Resistant Web Spray Contact Adhesive! Specifically formulated with a unique resin blend, this high-performance adhesive establishes a robust and resilient bond between decorative surface materials and a variety of common wood substrates. TensorGrip L17 is your go-to solution for bonding HPL, GRP, and aluminium to MDF, chipboard, plywood, and other timber sheet materials.

One of its standout features is its exceptional adhesion and strength, even in high-temperature environments. This makes TensorGrip L17 ideal for applications where traditional adhesives struggle to withstand the heat. Not only is it highly effective, but it’s also versatile, easily adhering to metals, plastics, composites, wood, rubber, and more.

TensorGrip L17 exhibits impressive resistance to water, oil, and various chemicals, ensuring reliable performance in harsh environments. With its remarkable ability to resist temperatures up to 300°F, this adhesive becomes an invaluable tool for projects demanding strong bonds under high-temperature conditions. Moreover, it boasts an extended shelf life, guaranteeing long-lasting effectiveness for years to come.

How To Use TensorGrip L17 Hi-Temp Resistant Web Spray Contact Adhesive

Using TensorGrip L17 Hi-Temp Resistant Web Spray Contact Adhesive is easy and straightforward. First you must ensure that both surfaces are clean and free from dust or debris before applying the adhesive. Once the surfaces are clean you can then spray the adhesive onto one surface using an aerosol sprayer or brush applicator. Once applied you must then press the two surfaces together firmly for 10 seconds before allowing them to cure overnight or until fully dry. After curing the bond should be strong enough for most applications but if additional strength is required you can use clamps or weights to hold the two pieces together until fully cured.

Choose TensorGrip L17 for its outstanding performance, high-temperature resistance, and ease of use. It’s the ultimate solution for achieving strong bonds in demanding environments.

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22L, 500ml



Product Code                            150-1004

Pack Size                                      22 Litres

Application Type                       2 Sided

Open Time                                  Up to 40 minutes

Flash off time                             2-3 minutes

Square Metre Coverage          75m²

Suitable For                                Aluminium Sheeting, Standard Laminate, FRL, FRP/GRP and Plasterboard

Available in 110 Litre canisters.  Please get in touch for a quotation.